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Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Tue Feb 11 16:01:27 GMT 2014

Hi all.


this is I think technology related though if there is a list aimed at mobile
phone users this could be a better place for my question.


I was looking at upgrades to my current phone contract and noticed that Car
Phone Warehouse did a deal which involved paying £37 a year for 2 gb of
internet data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts on O2.


I went to the O2 store and they could not match this deal.  they could do a
deal for the same price I believe with 1 GB of data.


why would O2 deals offered by O2 be dearer than those O2 deals offered by 


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Carphone warehouse?


Surely, o2 would price match Carphone warehouse rather than lose customers.





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