[BCAB] NVDA saying unknown everywhere in Windows8

Chris H christopherh40 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 20:51:55 GMT 2014

Oh yes Barry you did. Well as I seen on another list I agree about 
taking it back and demand a refund on the basis of not fit for purpose.

Regards Chris

On 11/02/2014 20:19, Barry Toner wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> As I said in my previous email I've ran it locally.  I'm aware of secure areas of the screen not being read as a non-administrator, eg device manager.  Even off a pen drive it should still read non-secure screens like the taskbar, start menu, folder trees, context menu.  Oddly the system tray reads but I can't read the right click menus.
> Thanks,
> Barry
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> Barry please install it onto the computer rather than running it off a
> pen drive. There are limitations with the portable copy which are
> removed in the installed copy. I believe one of them is Windows 8 apps
> will not speak in the portable copy but will in the installed copy.
> Regards Chris
> On 11/02/2014 19:32, Barry Toner wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Has anyone else seen this and solved it?  I've a new Asus PC I grabbed at PC world on Sunday because my faithful box died.  This is rather worrying as it's saying unknown with alt tabs, browser windows don't' speak this is running off a pen drive and locally.  Multiple re-installs running latest version all Window sUpdates and display adaptor updates.  I can't even get the tree to read in Windows Explorer, just the file list.  Closest thing I can find on the NVDA forum is this,
>> http://lists.nvaccess.org/pipermail/nvda-support/2012-July/008608.html
>> But the person just says they fixed but they don't' know how.
>> Anyone able to help?  I've no other screen reader for this machine.  I could install Window Eyes but I'd rather not.
>> I'm grabbing Windows 8.1 but I suspect this might be a graphics card issue.  I can't read Device Manager but suspect it's a NVIDA card.
>> Cheers,
>> Barry.

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