[BCAB] Sandra's thinking of taking the touch screen plunge!

Chris H christopherh40 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 18:58:12 GMT 2014

And if you are a Braillist check out the excellent MBraille.

Regards Chris

On 17/02/2014 18:05, Iain Lackie wrote:
> Fleksy is an app which some people find makes typing on the iPhone
> easier and quicker. The idea is that you tap the screen where you think
> the letter you want might be and the app constructs the word it thinks
> you want. There is a list of words in case the initial word you are
> given isn't the one you want. You can also add words to the Fleksy
> dictionary.
> Iain
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> Hi!
> Can you please tell me what is flexi ap?
> Padma
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> I had to make this leap last year. I opted for the iPhone and haven't
> regretted it. In my case, it was an iPhone 5. The onscreen keyboard took a
> bit of getting used to. However, with the Fleksy app, my typing has speeded
> up greatly. I can't comment on Android phones as I have never used one.
> However, I think that the fact that speech is built into the Apple OS is a
> definite plus point.
> Iain
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> Subject: [BCAB] Sandra's thinking of taking the touch screen plunge!
> Hello everyone,
> I'm sorry if this seems like this question is being asked too often
> but I'm thinking about keeping my Nokia C5 as a back-up and taking the
> final step towards a smartphone.
> I've been looking into IPhone versus Android and I like theIPhone
> because the speech and accessible applications seem to be further
> developed than the latter. (Please tell me if I'm wrong about this).
> Apple's Braille support seems to be more sound, (they have key strokes
> listed and I haven't found this with my Android research).
> Apple seem to be selling 4S 5S and 5C. I don't want to start an
> argument but, from the Blind perspective, what's the difference apart
> from different numbers and letters? Does IOS 7 have a good or bad
> impact on Voiceover or Braille Displays?
> I've been looking into Braille Displays as well and like the sound of
> the Braille Pen 12 Touch. Does anyone have any experience with it and,
> if so, how durable is it? Would anyone recommend one Braille Display
> in conjunction with a touch screen mobile device over another?
> I apologise for all these questions just before lunch!
> Very best wishes,
> Sandra.

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