[BCAB] Using multiple audio sources

David Bailes david_bailes at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 18 09:31:53 GMT 2014

Hi Léonie,
as Barry has already said, you need to set Skype to use the "stereo mix" recording device of one of your soundcards. You just need to use soundcard.
In addition, you want to the sound card to play the microphone through to the speakers so that you can hear both nvda and your voice. The only really workable way of doing this is to use a microphone with a jack plug which you plug into the sound card. On the playback tab of the sound dialog, open the properties of the speakers of the sound card. On the levels tab on the properties dialog, there should be a slider, mute and balance buttons for the jack inputs for the soundcard (assuming that the soundcard supports this). If necessary unmute the input you're using for the microphone and set the volume level.
If you're using a usb microphone, you can feed it through to the speakers using windows software playthrough facility, but this results in a small delay which sounds very off-putting when you're speaking. You can switch this on on the listen tab of the properties of the microphone, which you can open on the recording tab of the sound dialog.


original message:


Is it possible to mix together two audio sources on Windows, for broadcast
over Skype? I need to give an NVDA demo on Wednesday, so need to be able to
feed in both the NVDA output and my voice.


I have two soundcards in my computer, but I’m at a complete loss as to how
to bring the two audio sources together for a live broadcast. Any help would
be very welcome. Thanks.



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