[BCAB] Android versus iPhone was Re: Sandra's thinking of taking the touch screen plunge!

Chris H christopherh40 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 21:33:45 GMT 2014

I say competition is good and it's awesome we have options that are 
accessible. I am not biased at all I don't believe. I just don't know 
enough about Android versus the iPhone because I started out with the 
iPhone and have no interest at this time to look at Android.

Regards Chris

On 18/02/2014 21:18, Steve Nutt wrote:
> Hi jackie,
> I'm not going to berate anybody.  I would say that Android is just as easy
> to master as iPhone, but again that's my opinion.  The people who say
> Android is difficult usually are iPhone owners.  That's interesting because
> I had an iPhone first too, the 3GS and I still have the 4S.  Overall I
> prefer Android for its openness.  If you want to put music on an iPhone you
> have to install iTunes.  I can put music on an Android phone from any
> computer with no additional software installed.  That's one of the many
> reasons I prefer Android personally, but it is all a matter of opinion.
> Another reason to consider Android is price of phones.  You can get a Moto G
> now for 130 quid Sim-free and unlocked with no contract.  This is a very
> respectable phone, and you could charge an iPhone's battery up to three
> times, before the Moto G is down to ten percent.
> There are lots more reasons.
> Two areas though where iPhone definitely is better than Android are on the
> web, unless you install Firefox, which is excellent on Android, but Braille
> is better on the iPhone, so you may want to consider the iPhone Sandra if
> Braille is of prime interest to you.
> There Jackie, was that non-biased enough for you? <Smile>.
> All the best
> Steve
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