[BCAB] Bradley Snyder

Roger Woolgrove rawoolgrove at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 22:38:07 GMT 2014

Hi all those following the former thread.

>From what I understand, The makers of this timepiece got a lot more cash than they were Kickstarting for.  As a result of the immensely high demand, they have had 3 shipments of timepieces made to supply the Kickstarter donaters and some follow up orders.  Following their Twitter feed it seems like they are going to go into a larger scale manufacture.  I'd expect that once they have a supply line up and running they will look to exporting though they may presently be keeping their shipments over there.  If you really really want one soon, my understanding is that they are good at responding to emails and you could ask them directly.  My girlfriend paid £10 shipping from the US which is not so bad.


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