[BCAB] When computing

Colin Howard colin at pobox.com
Wed Feb 19 08:40:08 GMT 2014


Yes, very funny and maybe appropriate, but I am sure most on this group are
far too busy with their occupations to have time reading such posts,
therefore, before the moderators ask, please may we stop these "funnies" now
and get back to serious discussions.

A few years ago, we had a "Friday funny" but the concensus from list members
indicated when asked by the Board, such ought no longer to be allowed.

Colin Howard, who, by the Lord's  providence has lived 
at  his present address near Fareham in Southern 
England,  since February 1992 and though 
parts of Hampshire suffer  floods from this current 
stormy weather, because  living well above  sea level, 
no  problems so far and hopes not  to move in the near 

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