[BCAB] Outlook 2003 E-mail Accounts

Neela neela4 at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 19 18:06:56 GMT 2014

Hi All, I have more than one e-mail account.  When I want to send from Neela
or another account in Outlook 2003, the only way I can get to this is
visually by clicking on Accounts button.  Yet I had a visually impaired IT
expert look at this for me and as he was dependent on screen reader and no
magnification he was not able to access this Accounts button.  I use
Supernova but this IT Technican used a variety of screen readers with speech
only and none of them could access this Accounts button.  Now let me make
myself clear I am not talking about setting up accounts, I am talking about
being in an Inbox and there is no From field so whichever account I am in
the e-mail will still send from the default account unless I go to this
Accounts button and in the dropdown box choose the appropriate account.  I
am very surprised that this is an access issue in Outlook 2003.  Any ideas
please as to why Outlook 2003 does not show a From field?

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