[BCAB] setting up outlook gmail accounts to use Imap?

Mauricio Almeida mauriciopmalmeida at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 22:36:09 GMT 2014

Hey guys,
I have not used outlook at all until I joined the bank and was forced
to, however, I have been liking the experience so far and tried using
it at home as well, though one of my main reasons for not using it
constantly is that, unlike in my work place, my home account is set up
using pop 3, and I like my messages be kept on server, and pop 3 does
not Interact with it, and downloads messages instead.
Can anyone provide me instructions/a link to where i can find
instructions so i can switch my personal gmail account which is set up
as pop to an imap account?
Imap is already enabled on the account under settings.

any help is appreciated.


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