[BCAB] Seagate wireless drive

Jackie Brown thebrownsplace at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 20 10:46:26 GMT 2014

Hi Terry

I have had the Seagate working under USB on my computer in the normal way,
but haven't got round to networking it wirelessly on the PC yet.  However,
on my iPad Mini, I have had it working in conjunction with the Internet.  To
do this, you have to select Seagate from the list of WiFi devices it sees in
Settings, then go into the app and choose to use it as a pass-through so
that you can use the Internet as well.

I must revisit this, and will try to spend a bit of time getting it going as
a wireless drive on the PC later.  I will indeed report back as it can be

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Twitter: @thebrownsplace
Skype: Thejackmate

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Hi Jackie ET AL
Okay, back to a thread from a few weeks ago.
I have just bought one of these units, and have it partially working.
I can see the drive in "computer", when connected via USB, and can access it
I can also see it via wireless in "computer and via a browser, but only when
I select Seagate wireless from the list of wireless devices in network and
sharing, then choosing it from a list.
However, when I select the Seagate wireless device from within network and
sharing, I then loose my internet connection, as I'm no longer connected to
my BT router.
I read in the manual, that you are supposed to be able to connect to both
devices at the same time, thus allowing you to see the Seagate wirelessesly,
and still be connected to your home router, but it is that part that I'm
just not managing to do.
Jackie, I believe you have managed to do this, so if you, or anyone else on
the list that has also managed it, would someone mind taking a few minutes
to point out where I'm going wrong.
The main reason for me buying one of these, is that I'll be able to plug it
in somewhere in the house, and access it wirelessly, somewhere that will be
hidden from my four year old, which will stop him from hiding it, just like
he's hidden one of my other USB drives, and I still can't find the blumin
I have a laptop that has a SSD drive, but it's only 128 gig in size, this
drive will now also allow me to have access to other material from my sofa,
rather than having to hunt for my other drive, which I can never find when I
want it.
Lastly, am I correct in thinking, these drives can be left at home, and I
can access it from my pc or iphone from wherever I am, via a browser?
Thanks for any help.
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