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M Lakhani muzz.lakhani at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 21 11:41:50 GMT 2014

Agreed :) ! There have ben 10 total messages for 2 funnies, plus close to 400 messages that I've had to read every single one of in the last 5 days on this list alone. There is a point on the list rules which says that whilst a good humour is appreciated, it shouldn't be seen to hinder others asking for help or deviate from the ethos. I think it's the last 2 points. 
Yes I personally found them funny, but these should be reserved for a pub, which I'll happily join you at if you buy the first round. :)

Besides, if you really want a chuckle, sing the following to the tune of Ebony & Ivory:

Live together in perfect unibody
Side by side on a qwerty keyboard
O Lord, Blackberry :p 

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> On 19 Feb 2014, at 08:40, Colin Howard <colin at pobox.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Yes, very funny and maybe appropriate, but I am sure most on this group are
> far too busy with their occupations to have time reading such posts,
> therefore, before the moderators ask, please may we stop these "funnies" now
> and get back to serious discussions.
> A few years ago, we had a "Friday funny" but the concensus from list members
> indicated when asked by the Board, such ought no longer to be allowed.
> Colin Howard, who, by the Lord's  providence has lived 
> at  his present address near Fareham in Southern 
> England,  since February 1992 and though 
> parts of Hampshire suffer  floods from this current 
> stormy weather, because  living well above  sea level, 
> no  problems so far and hopes not  to move in the near 
> future.
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