[BCAB] Page Navigation on the Web with Window Eyes

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Sun Feb 23 11:48:12 GMT 2014

Hi David,

It works here for me.  Press Insert-Tab but don't press anthing else.  Then
press the first letter.

if it doesn't work, it means you hvae somehow changed the radio buttons from
links to something elese.  The way Window-Eyes works is it has one hotkey
for everything, so you only have to remember Insert-Tab.  Then you can
select from the radio buttons the elements you want to move by, but links
are the default.  So if B doesn't take you to a link beginning with B, you
may have changed it to headings etc.

All the best


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I am struggling to make the Office Window-Eyes work effectively on the web.

It seems very slow and unresponsive but apart from that the main difficulty
is that I cannot be productive in Page Navigation.

With NVDA or Jaws  I can press Insert F7 and navigate all the elements on a
page I need by first letter navigation.

So for example on the Shopping sites if I need to find the Book Delivery
Slot element I simply press Insert F7 and then press B a couple of times and
I will land on the necessary link.

As far as I can see the equivalent in Window Eyes is Page Navigation with
Insert Tab. However it does not appear possible to manoeuvre  quickly
through the resulting list. For example pressing B here will not jump me to
the required book slot element but simply cycle me through the resulting
buttons on the page. Given that I can achieve this anyway with normal browse
mode this seems peculiar and a waste of time. 
I am sure that Window Eyes cannot really be this inefficient and  I am
missing something.

Can somebody point me to what I am doing wrong?

David Griffith


David Griffith

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