[BCAB] How to Copy Rows between work books in Excel

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This should work for a range of rows:

1) Open both workbooks
2) Go to the workbook with the required data 
3) Select the columns to be copied by either:
a) Hold down Shift & use the cursor keys to highlight the required rows or
B) Press CTRL + G to bring up the 'Go to' dialogue box
Type the '1st cell ref':'last cell ref' e.g. to select the cells from
columns 'A' to 'G' on row 3, you will type 'a3:g3' & press 'Enter'
4)With the range of cells selected, press 'CTRL + C' to copy
5) Go to the 2nd work book
6) Place the focus in the location you want to paste the data from & press
'CTRL + V'



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How can this be done?

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