[BCAB] Accessible Windows software for backing up hard drive

zoidarmy mail at zoidarmy.adsl24.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 11:20:44 GMT 2014

Casper by Future System Solutions will do a lot if not all of this.

Caviet, I'm not using the latest version. But unless it's changed 
markedly, it's very accessible and easy to use. I have successfully 
booted off the backup drive I made with it.


Chris Turner

On 21/02/2014 13:02, M F Mason wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> I am sure you echo the thoughts of many who value their system 
> settings and data some of which is often irreplaceable.
> There is also the prospect of, having made a system backup that one 
> day one might
> actually have to restore to it.
> Many thanks,
> Mike.
> At 12:51 21/02/2014, you wrote:
>> Hi
>> I know this topic has been covered in the past, but I'm still looking 
>> for
>> a fully accessible and easy to use piece of software that will allow 
>> me to
>> do the following:
>> 1. Produce a backup of my hard drive, including the Windows hidden
>> partition.
>> 2. Produce an incremental backup once a week.
>> 3. Mount either the full backup or one of the incremental backups and 
>> view
>> it in a Windows Explorer style view.
>> 4. Have full access to all the options in the program, including full
>> backup, incremental backup, differential backup, etc.
>> I've tried Acronis TrueImage, which is the software I'd ideally want to
>> use, but it is totally inaccessible.  The screens are fully graphical 
>> and
>> using the mouse or JAWS cursor yields no results.  I get the same 
>> results
>> using Window-Eyes as well.
>> I'm currently evaluating Hard disk Manager V14 Professional, by Paragon.
>> Again, even when using the JAWS cursor, it is extremely confusing and
>> certainly not intuitive.
>> When I attempt to click on certain function buttons, using the mouse
>> cursor, I get no results.  The majority of these buttons can't be 
>> reached
>> by tabbing.
>> What I want is a simple to use, reliable backup program that will 
>> allow me
>> to produce full and incremental backups.
>> Why do all these programs have to rely on extremely complex 
>> interfaces?  I
>> suppose visually, they look extremely good and easy to use.  I can
>> understand that, but it's very frustrating for a screen reader user.
>> Many thanks in advance for any help.
>> Cheers
>> Kevin
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