[BCAB] eBooks and reading software

Joe Paton joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 21:46:39 GMT 2014

@Hello david,
thanks for writing.
Yet another piece of software, with accessibility short comings and
another format and DRM as well.

Sometimes it's easy to remember how usefull the simple old fashioned
braille book was, and is.
No Sony player, no nook, no kind.le, just a book.  But you could read it
out of the library case.

Yes I know all the advantages of the technology we have now, but I just
yearn for a book, in braille, at the same time as the print comes off
the presses, but that aint gona happen.



Joe Paton <joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk>

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