[BCAB] I Phone Question, Preventing Speech on Notifications when Phone on Silent

Mauricio Almeida mauriciopmalmeida at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 00:42:02 GMT 2014

Hello there,
One alternative for voice over not speaking anything, is to go under
settings and check the do not disturb option. this will prevent
vibrations as well as any sort of speech I believe.
As far as the second problem, can you tell me a bit more? I dont think
i can help not knowing for example what did you do before it stopped
vibrating or when did you expect it to do so.



On 2/24/14, Gerard Sadlier <gerard.sadlier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I am having 2 problems with my I Phone.
> 1. Voice Over speaks notifications, such as when I get a message, even
> when the phone is on silent. I need to turn this off but do not know
> how.
> 2. My phone does not vibrate. I have checked and vibrate is set to on.
> I wonder if the phone's vibration function is broken? This seems most
> unlikely surely - is this something that often goes?
> Thanks Ger
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