[BCAB] Window Eyes as an alternative to Jaws query

Ibrahim Gucukoglu ibrahim_gucukoglu at sent.com
Tue Feb 25 13:07:05 GMT 2014

Hi Bernard.

If you have a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 or later from Home Student 
edition and up, you can enjoy Window-Eyes for nothing, its completely free 
with the caveat that premium voices have to be paid for, however ESpeak and 
Microsoft Speech come bundled with the download.  If you want to know more, 
go to www.windoweyesforoffice.com and download your free copy.  If you don't 
have Office 2010 or later, a Microsoft Office 365 subscription can be had 
for £79.99 yearly or £7.99 per month.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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From: Bernard Georgiou
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Subject: [BCAB] Window Eyes as an alternative to Jaws query

Hi all,

I have just received a shocker when asking for the quote to upgrade my JAWS
10 to version 15 Professional. It was quoted at nearly 800 pounds inclusive
of an SMA. I asked for another quote for the Standard Jaws upgrade from
version 10 to 15 inclusive of the SMA, and this came in at just short of 500
pounds. All of these prices being eye watering amounts for anyone let alone
us who desperately need the software.

Anyway does anyone know who or where I can go to to get a quote on Windows
Eyes in the hope that it will be a whole lot cheaper cost wise? I know there
are alternatives such NVDA and so on, but they are not really complete
inmany ways, so if anyone could help I would be grateful.


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