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A start would be if the RNIB included customer feedback and ratings on
products  advertised on  their website in much the same way as Amazon, Play
or Ebay allow positive or negative feedback.
The existence of negative feedback or review , whilst not great for a
particular product brand, does enhance general confidence in the buying of
products from a particular source.

If the RNIB was reluctant to host these reviews or feedback scores the
obvious response would be to create a "shadow" review site  in which these
reviews or feedback scores could be recorded. I am not sure how much work
would be involved with this. Probably the easiest model to follow is the
Apple Vis type model where users are invited to post reviews on products. It
would be useful if both reviews and rating scores were allowed as many, who
would not have time to write reviews would nevertheless still be happy to
post a score of say 0 to 5 stars.

I think it is a suggestion that could go to the RNIB Board as it would be
most efficient for them to host it on their shopping site. However given the
recent chaos over the  web site this may take a long time to see the light
of day.

Perhaps the BCAB could consider hosting in the meantime a Tech Product
Review section of their web site where reviews and/or satisfaction scores
could be recorded.

This would need to be structured  content so that people could access it in
a sensible way.

So for example  the following elements could be structured in a web form.

Product Name and model number or software version number.
Link to the source providing the product and information on availability.
Date of Review
Official Product Description - copied and pasted from whatever source.
Review and/or comments.
Satisfaction Score 

Another form could be created to record further comments / scores from other
users  after the initial review is posted.

If all the reviews were structured in such a way it could be a very useful
The key I think to enable this structure  would be a web form for accepting
Review submissions. Hopefully at BCAB there would be someone able to knock
up such a web form.

David Griffith

- date of Review 

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Hi all,

So going back to Ian's original idea, how would such a system work in terms
of a "Which" type service?

As I understand it, the Which service reviews various products and services
out of a large number of products.  For example, reviewing the best laptop
etc.  I think the product line for the VI community is too narrow for that,
but want to see what Ian had in mind.

We need to ensure this doesn't become a moaning shop either.


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