[BCAB] problems saving audio in firefox

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Fri Feb 28 00:03:28 GMT 2014

Hi Leonie and thanks for your help.
Using JAWS 12, IE8 and firefox 27.

The bookmark saving is no problem, however I am having great difficultly in
saving an audio file.

When I have the file open, which is in windows media player, I pressed
control S, as you suggested but what happens is the audio stopped and I
couldn't work out how to save the file.

So, please could you or anyone else help with this.

The file had opened in firefox so not sure why I can't save it.

Also, I have attempted to open the sendspace link in IE8, however when I do
this, I get a mesage telling me that internet explorrerrr was unabel to open
the page, or words to this effect.

This seems to happen with a number of sendspace link I have been sent
recently and to be honest, it's now getting rather annoying as there's no
logical reason for this to happen.

I wonder if the version of sendspace is not compatible with IE8.

so could you, or anyone else make further suggestions on how I might be able
to save the audio files please.



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