[BCAB] Outlook 2010 Calendar

Agent Orange agentorange at talktalk.net
Fri Feb 28 09:57:48 GMT 2014

Using JFW 14.  In Outlook 2010, when in a Calendar, it is possible to hold
down the left Alt and Control keys, and press numbers 1 - 4 to switch
between day, work week, week and month views.  Or that's how it is supposed
to work.  Using JFW 14, I find that I am unable to switch into month view
using alt Control 4.  Pressing Alt Control 4 just causes JAWS to say 'Euro".
If I precede this keystroke with the JAWS bypass key Ins F3, Alt Control 4
instead opens up the JAWS application menu from the Notification Area.  I am
using default settings and scripts.  

Does anyone know what might be happening to prevent alt Control 4 from
switching the Outlook Calendar into month view, or what I could do to make
this work?

Month view is useful because it is the only way in Outlook 2010 that I'm
aware of, to move one week at a time with a single key press.  You used to
be able to move a week at a time in Week and work week views in Outlook 2003
using the page up and page down keys.  In 2010, you have to press left or
right arrows seven times if you want to move backwards or forwards a week.



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