[BCAB] Poor vi customer support with apologies

Mike Townsend miketownsend at talk21.com
Fri Feb 28 12:18:52 GMT 2014

This entire thread occurred whilst I was not doing emails.
So, apologies to Muz for opening it up again.
Firstly, Guide Dogs did run a site covering VI products, including user
submitted reviews, scoring, and the after sales experience. It ran for
several years. It just didin't get the VI community support with material or
scores. Perhaps the new RNIB platforms that are coming along would be a good
place to try to capture user experiences.
I will put this subject on to the next BCAB board agenda.
However, if we do get a place to do this, it needs to be used and filled
with data. It  costs to create such a place. We do need a range of folk to
provide the data, not just those regulars who seem to get poor experiences.
Gerenally, I get excellent products, at a price!!, and usually helpful and
courteous support. Unfortunately we are usually one stage at least from
those who design and know the answers. Quality control is much better now.
In the last century, I had some appalling experiences.

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