[BCAB] Upside Down Favourites in the Run Dialogue

Darran Ross darran.ross at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Feb 28 18:17:30 GMT 2014

Hi List.

Every now and then I like to open up my Favourites in the Run dialogue. This allows me to  quickly go through the links deleting and renaming etc.

However, I've noticed the last couple of times that when the Favourites load, they're being displayed upside down! Instead of my A folder and links being at the top of the list, I find them at the bottom. I know, that was obviously what I meant, but I'm just playing safe by elaborating! smile.

Anyway, does anyone know how I go about changing this? The sort by name option doesn't effect it at all, and I'm 99% sure that in the past its always displayed my Favourites folders A to Z and not vice versa.

Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer. Its a small thing, but I just prefer it the right way up.  



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