[BCAB] Problems with Vinux Site.

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Tue Jul 8 04:27:44 BST 2014

I have been to the Vinux page on www.vinux.org.uk.

I am attempting  to download a file for use as a virtual machine on a Mac.
It looks like the site may have been dormant for some years.
However according to the getting started page the Vinux images are available

Oddly downloading requires a user name and password, why this should be the
case is not clear  but the apparently both user name and password should be 

The problem though is that, according to Firefox, it is not. I am getting a
constant 530 login error every time I  try to access the ftp page after
entering these credentials.

Does anybody know of a way to download the vinux images or is this whole
site broken now??

David Griffith

David Griffith

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