[BCAB] Good (was) Poor Customer Response - Visual Impairment sector

Clive Lever clive.lever at btinternet.com
Thu May 1 08:37:58 BST 2014

Hi all,

I endorse this. We need to remember that if a company says it can take up to
five days to deliver, that doesn't mean it should take five days to deliver.
It means if worse comes to worst it may take that long but we'll do our best
to make sure it doesn't. That is, if you haven't had it in five days, it
becomes reasonable to chase. So what's to get hot under the collar about?


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It's frustrating when you receive less than adequate service from any online
service or technology company. I've waited six weeks for something to turn
up from Amazon on next day delivery before now, and just recently had to
open a case with PayPal in order to get a returns number for something I
bought from laptopbags.co.uk.

My hunch is that access tech companies are no more or less prone to good or
bad service than any other kind of company. They do often offer a more
personalised service though. As someone else pointed out, that often
involves taking extra time to make sure their customers are supported. I
experienced this with Sight and Sound many years ago when I bought my first
screen reader, and much more recently with Astech when I bought a copy of

In this particular case, it does seem antiquated that five days should be
allowed to return a licence number. It makes sense that S&S are being
cautious about the timetable they commit to, and it was good to get Glen's
response and learn he'll be talking to FS about it.

In this case I suspect the problem is with Jaws' antiquated licencing
system. Everything probably has to be done manually, which by the time S&S
contact FS, FS do something about it and reply to S&S, then S&S get back to
the customer, can easily take a few days. It's probably tied into the same
system that means you can't automatically de-authorize a computer and free
up one of your activations.


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