[BCAB] audible alternative for audio books?

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Thu May 1 21:52:44 BST 2014

Hello Everyone.

I have been a member of audible for many years now. when i was on XP, i 
used to convert my audible books to MP3 to listen on my MP3 player. this 
has worked very well if i didn't have an audible device to hand and i 
wanted to listen to an audio book. however, ever since they got taken 
over by amazon and usernames and passwords changed, i can no longer 
access my history for all the titles i have spent the last 6 years 
pourchasing from them, and even if i could i can't convert the books as 
i am primarily using windows7 and linux. in short, does anyone have any 
other source of downloadable audio books? i don't mind paying as long as 
there is a decent selection hopefully comparable to audibles. audiogo 
was an excellent site but they've now gone in to administration. i just 
wish audible weren't so iffy and that they hadn't deleted every book i'd 
ever bought from them without my consent... the only thing that will 
make me stay with them is if i can convert books using windows7 as and 
when i need to. as i'm paying for a book i should be able to if i don't 
want to take a kindle to listen to books and just want to carry a small 
discreet mp3 player. from what i've read this can't be done, but any 
comments welcome on or off list.

many thanks in advance,


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