[BCAB] audible alternative for audio books?

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Fri May 2 14:26:32 BST 2014

Hello David and wendy.

Many thanks for the tip.  I made the mistake of just skipping straight 
to the form fields instead of reading what the page actually said. when 
i logged in using my old audible details, all my books were there.


On 01/05/2014 22:06, David Griffith wrote:
> You can still log into Audible using your old login details. Certainly that
> is what I do as I have resisted the option to merge my Audible account with
> my Amazon Account.
> Basically if you navigate down the page pass the Amazon login you should
> find an option to login using an old audible login.
> David Griffith
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> Hello Everyone.
> I have been a member of audible for many years now. when i was on XP, i
> used to convert my audible books to MP3 to listen on my MP3 player. this
> has worked very well if i didn't have an audible device to hand and i
> wanted to listen to an audio book. however, ever since they got taken
> over by amazon and usernames and passwords changed, i can no longer
> access my history for all the titles i have spent the last 6 years
> pourchasing from them, and even if i could i can't convert the books as
> i am primarily using windows7 and linux. in short, does anyone have any
> other source of downloadable audio books? i don't mind paying as long as
> there is a decent selection hopefully comparable to audibles. audiogo
> was an excellent site but they've now gone in to administration. i just
> wish audible weren't so iffy and that they hadn't deleted every book i'd
> ever bought from them without my consent... the only thing that will
> make me stay with them is if i can convert books using windows7 as and
> when i need to. as i'm paying for a book i should be able to if i don't
> want to take a kindle to listen to books and just want to carry a small
> discreet mp3 player. from what i've read this can't be done, but any
> comments welcome on or off list.
> many thanks in advance,
> Mo.

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