[BCAB] eloquence for android review

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Mon May 5 16:03:32 BST 2014

hi everyone.

i just thought i'd write a quick review on eloquence for android which 
was released not long ago. i've installed it. it works ok, though i'd 
have liked to see more control over the pitch. the standard pitch is 
much too low for my liking, and when you change it to the next 
denomination, the voice goes higher but too high for my liking. its a 
bit like jaws with mild constipation. in other words, i'd have liked it 
if code factory included more pitch denominations, to allow more control 
over how much the pitch increases so it sounds like jaws on a default 
install. also, i had to check the box that forces the pitch change 
instead of using the pitch that applications set before the pitch would 
change. quite what use this is i don't know, as applications i've used 
don't set their own pitch as far as i know. i've reported this issue 
over on the code factory mailing list so we'll see what they say. 
overall, its worth buying if you like the jaws voice. it could do with 
being more responsive, the most responsive voice on android is ESpeak 
and i don't think there will ever be an engine to beet it, but eloquence 
is pretty close as well as long as you have a handset with a dual core 
processor or better. its certainly more responsive than the higher 
quality voices from google or other developers.


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