[BCAB] Tvonix Question

J.Doherty doherty468 at sky.com
Tue May 6 10:44:39 BST 2014

Hi List,

I have had the Tvonix set top box for a couple of weeks now and it’s fantastic. However, a couple  of questions for those that have had the box for awhile now. I find that when I turn on the TV with the handset, then press the stand bye button to set the box off, it takes approx a minute to boot up, is this normal or is their something I can set in settings to make it a quicker boot up?

Second, if I start a recording off whilst watching the same program, does it stop automatically when the program finishes or do i need to stop the recording manually?

Thirdly, whilst in the program list when hitting the right cursor key to hear the next program, there’s only two programs listed on that line, how do I see the rest of the nights recordings?

Thanks for any response’s 

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