[BCAB] Which is the better to get.

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Wed May 7 12:29:26 BST 2014

Hi Sandra.

Both windows 8.1 and windows 7 are quite accessible and useable.  the thing
that most people find annoying and/or confusing about windows 8 is the 2
kinds of applications that are used.  there are desktop apps such as
microsoft office that you know that are used in both versions of windows and
there are windows 8 style apps that will only run  in windows 8 which take
advantage of touch screens.

Touch screens are all very well for use on tablets or mobile phones but they
are less useful when using a desktop computer.

Some applications, such as Internet Explorer, have a desktop version and a
windows 8 style app and having the 2 kinds of program has really proved to
be a bit of a dog's breakfast and I suspect that microsoft will end up
sticking with a mobile version of Windows and a desktop version of windows
but it's all a rather embarrassing climb down for microsoft.  If you do want
to keep using Microsoft Office 2003 then you wil need windows 7 rather than
windows 8.  You may also find that some older peripherals are not windows 8

I see no really good reason to go for windows 8 other than the fact that you
may find competetively priced PCs running it so it is worth knowing that
windows 8 is generally quite useable.



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Hi All,

I am thinking about buying another computer  or upgrading the one I already
have.  The question is,    which is the better to have out of windows 7 or
windows 8  professional which works better and what jaws would I need.  

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