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Dorreen, apologies for not responding sooner.

While Styles and the like are probably the right way to go (I
don't use them so can't comment), it seems to me that what you
want may well be served by setting the layout to "Justify" or
"Centre", and using the Tab key to put spaces between the sets of

I've just tried this and it does work, though you will have to
experiment with how many tabs you need.

> Hi folks:
> Using Windows 7, MS Word 2010 and jaws 13.
> I am typing a document which has a list of contents at the top, together
> with the page number which I want displayed in the right margin.  
> I would like either dots or hyphens to connect the content and the page
> number so if anybody knows how to achieve this that would be helpful. 
> When I do a right align command the whole thing moves to the right instead
> of just the number.  What do i do please?
> Many thanks.
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