[BCAB] Trying Window Eyes

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Thu May 8 16:22:55 BST 2014

Window-Eyes does take a bit of getting used to but I still think it is an
important low cost option for us, especially as it offers high quality
screen review capabilities that NVDA currently does not offer. . However, I
am afraid Window-Eyes is not as snappy as Jaws in most situations, but If
you are happy with the free option of eSpeak  voices you should find  them
less laggy and more responsive.

I know you said you did not want to buy voices but I did plump for buying
Eloquence for Window-Eyes which I think was £25 from memory. Dec Talk  is an
even cheaper option at £15. Both of these synthesisers are reasonably
responsive with Window-Eyes. Certainly  I do not regret buying Eloquence . 

The process of adding Eloquence or Dectalk is less than intuitive but if you
do go this route I can offer advice which should assist. Basically Eloquence
and Dectalk are already installed in Window-Eyes and just need unlocking , a
fact which was not made clear by GW Micro communication when I bought the

In the Window-Eyes options you can also set up a backup synthesiser if for
any reason your default synthesiser crashes so I have Eloquence as my
default and Dectalk as my backup but so far it has not had to kick in..

David Griffith

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Hi all


I have decided to try out the free Window Eyes that you can get through the
link up with Microsoft.  I know it's early days after only two days, but I'm
not enjoying using it.  


There is a lovely female voice that comes as default, but it lags that half
to one second that is irritating.  I don't want to buy any other voice. Is
there another voice that is pleasant but does not lag?


I also don't like the verbosity being so high, describing everything in too
much detail. For example, when I came across a link in an email, I just want
to be told that it's a link, not that it's "Style one field hyperlink".  Is
there a way of toning down that verbosity? 


Contrary to the over description is when a message of some sort pops up and
all WE tells me is the options of yes or no.  I've no idea what they are
because WE doesn't tell me as standard.  I'm sure there's a hot key to find
out, but I'd prefer to be just told.  Can I change anything to get this to
work as I like?


One thing that I have discovered that I really do like is the virtual
Outlook calendar.  I don't know what it's called, but I'm sure you WE users
know what I'm talking about.  Thing is, when I deleted one of the entries in
this calendar using alt+e, I couldn't get out of the list of appointments.
What did I do wrong?


Finally, I can't figure out how to quit WE.  I'd appreciate it if someone
could tell me the hot key to quit.






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