[BCAB] Windows Server 2012R2. Any JAWS tips?

zoidarmy mail at zoidarmy.adsl24.co.uk
Thu May 8 22:30:23 BST 2014

As per subject. I'm trying to learn a bit of MS Server and as I'm not 
into Powershell yet, I'm using the GUI. I find the Server Manager 
Windows quite confusing with JAWS announcing a lot of elements like. 
Expander button, collapsed, Filter button collapsed. Finding what I want 
seems quite painsteaking. Does anyone have any tips using JAWS or NVDA 

I guess I'll just have to put the hours in and work this thing out. I 
was thinking about taking an exam once I'd covered the material. The 
idea of having to explain what I want clicking on and how to navigate to 
a sighted reader in those conditions puts me right off.

Any hints or experiences gratefully received

Chris Turner

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