[BCAB] Which is the better to get.

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I completely agree with you Mo.  There is nothing to recommend Windows 8
over 7.

All the best


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Personally i would stick with windows7. it depends how old your current 
computer is if you buy a new one or upgrade your existing one. i'd be 
more than happy to discuss options with you off list. the majority of 
people i've worked with over the last year all downgraded to windows7 
because they got so frustrated with windows8. the final straw for a 
friend of mine was recently when she was advised that a windows 8.1 
update was available but it would reset all her programs and yet retain 
her files and if she didn't update, she wouldn't receive any further 
security updates. she tried to update and the update failed for a reason 
known only to microsoft. so she had to pay for a local computer shop in 
the US to fix her computer and restore it to factory defaults so she 
could use it again. even bill gates doesn't like it and is using 
windows7 for the foreseeable future. HP are now also selling windows7 
products again,, and other manufacturers also have products available 
because they realise consumers think windows8 is crap and won't buy it 
because they can't use it.

I hope that helps?



On 07/05/2014 10:07, Sandra Heaton wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am thinking about buying another computer  or upgrading the one I
already have.  The question is,    which is the better to have out of
windows 7 or windows 8  professional which works better and what jaws would
I need.
> Thanks.
> Sandra
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