[BCAB] RNIBNavigator impressions and some observations

Ibrahim Gucukoglu ibrahim_gucukoglu at sent.com
Fri May 9 10:24:50 BST 2014

Hi Martin.

I'd like to recommend that you buy a portable battery pack for your iPhone, 
this will charge your iPhone and give it a much needed boost.  The user 
guide does tell you that you can expect roughly 3 to 3.5 hours continuous 
use using GPS, because the app poles the server for updates on your position 
every 15 seconds, this undoubtedly contributes to the battery drain.  Anker 
do an excellent battery which is lipstick sized, I carry one around with me 
in my belt pouch, a link for it is 
Happy navigating, make sure that you hear the position aquired sound before 
venturing out, this could take a couple of minutes depending on your phone's 

All the best, Ibrahim.

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Hello everyone

I have been using the RNIB Navigator app now for a few days with varied 
results.  My first attempt was somewhat disappointing, but I was a bit 
rushed and hadn’t taken time to read the on line Manual.  However, after 
doing this after my first use, I found I could change from the tom tom 
setting to the foursquare setting and the second attempt was much better, 
but still couldn’t get to announce road junctions.  By my third attempt 
however, the app was working brilliantly and not only announcing places 
nearby, but was announcing street names ahead as well.  It even recognised 
the name of our local blind Charity.  The only real issue I have had with 
this app is that it seems to drain the battery in my IPhone 5S  very 
quickly.  For example, I left my home yesterday morning at about quarter to 
nine  and despite some breaks where I turned the app off to hopefully save 
the battery, by about quarter to three whilst having my lunch in my  local 
pub, I looked at the battery on my phone and was shocked to see I only had 
nine per cent battery left.  I started out with one hundred per cent fully 
charged.  Anyway, last night I did the usual things that people tell me to 
do to save battery life such as turning off apps that run in the background. 
This wasn’t to hard as I have loads of apps so I could turn of ones I didn’t 
use that much.  The result was that this morning I took a trip to the post 
box to post my talking newspaper and despite the app not working as well as 
it did yesterday, I only lost about four per cent of battery power.  Has 
anyone had these issues with the battery running down so quickly whilst 
using RNIB Navigator?  I haven’t used as much today I know, but despite this 
issue with the battery, I think this app has a lot of potential, but I am 
undecided at the moment weather I will pay  for another subscription.

all the best

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