[BCAB] How do you tag a logo or graphic within a MS Word document

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Fri May 9 11:41:31 BST 2014

Well I have just tried this out and appeared to have achieved what you
wanted in 2010.

1. I went and found a Jpg File and copied it to the clipboard.
2. I opened Word 2010.
3. I typed some text to help locate the graphic.
4. I pressed control v to paste in the graphic below this.
5. I then routed Jaws to PC and moved the jaws cursor up a couple of notches
to where I thought the graphic was. I have turned graphics verbosity off on
my system so you may find Jaws announces  graphic more helpfully on your
6.  I then hit the virtual right mouse  click using  the Jaws Cursor to
bring up the context menu on the graphic. (asterix on the numpad).
7. I selected format picture.
8. In the resulting dialogue box I cursored down the list of option until I
came to alternative text.
9. I then tabbed across and typed in some test text to identify the graphic
and pressed enter.

After all this Jaws reads the alternative text as you cursor down through
the graphic.

Hope that helps 

David Griffith

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Hello all,

Please can someone tell me how you tag a graphic embedded into a MS Word
document. I need to tell our staff that their logos need to be tagged with a
meaningful text label. Some are saying they don't know how to do this, and
neither do I. I want our logos to say things like:
"Kent County Council Logo" instead of "Graphic 2.5 centimetres high by 1.4
centimetres wide" when screenreaders encounter them.

For information, I've been able to put meaningful text onto a U R L within a
Word document, but not to do the same on other types of embedded objects
such as Graphics.

In case it makes a difference to the answer, some of us are still on Word
2003, while others have 2010, because we're part-way through rolling out



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