[BCAB] Anker battery pack, was RNIBNavigator impressions and some observations

Ibrahim Gucukoglu ibrahim_gucukoglu at sent.com
Fri May 9 16:45:39 BST 2014

Hi Barry.

These batteries are Lithium Ion I believe, so you should charge and 
discharge the battery pack at least once every 6 months to prevent the sells 
from degrading through lack of use.  To play it safe, I'd exercise the pack 
once a month if you can, just charge your iPhone up with it occasionally 
instead of using the mains, then charge the pack using the supplied Micro 
USB cable with the iPhone plug.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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some observations

Hi all

Sorry if this has drifted off topic a little, but it is a continuation of 
the original topic.

How long would the charge last on the Anker battery pack if you didn't use 
it?  I mean, if I just have it in my bag as a stand-by and rarely use it, 
would I have to charge it up every month or so even if I hadn't used it?



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