[BCAB] Resetting a Victor Reader Stream?

Alan Booth a.t.booth at btinternet.com
Sat May 10 14:32:04 BST 2014

Thanks Pele, I've tried this a couple of times but still I'm not getting the
number and name of the file after I've deleted one.  Just to be sure I'm not
imagining this feature, I've just carried out a delete on another VRS and it
worked fine - curiousier and curiousier!!

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Hi Alan

Software Reset

1. Turn off the Stream

2. Press the Power button plus the Bookmark and 5 keys

3. It will say that the Player Profile have been reset.

Resetting the stream will erase all bookmarks, clearing the position of all
books and resetting the menus to the default values. 
It will not access the SD card or user keys like NLS or Audible books. 
Good luck

Pele West

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