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Gayle Yarnall glyarnall2 at gmail.com
Sat May 10 21:22:11 BST 2014


Voice Dream Reader 3.0 was released recently after many months in the
making. We went from 2.X to 3.X, because the new version represents a big
change in the app's evolution.

The biggest change is support for graphics, starting with PDF. This required
a rewrite of the guts. Before 3.0, Voice Dream Reader threw away all
original files after extracting text from them. Now, you can read PDF files
in the original layout with voice and text synchronization. Try swiping
right from the left edge of the screen: you can switch between text-only
view and original layout view effortlessly. 

Secondly, the highly regarded Ivona voices are available. Now, with Acapela,
NeoSpeech, Ivona, and iOS's built-in Nuance voices, Voice Dream Reader
offers more voices -- and at lower prices -- than any other text-to-speech
product in the market.

Finally, we now support almost every major variant of DAISY around the
world: DAISY 3.0 and 2.02 in full-text or full-audio mode. Expensive
dedicated DAISY reading devices can be hauled to museums.

Our work continues. Right now, we're busy working on supporting graphics for
eBooks, so that EPUB and DAISY books with images can be displayed in Voice
Dream. The built-in Web Browser will be rewritten so that you can listen to
web pages in it directly.

Since Voice Dream Reader came out 2 years ago, we have never charged for
upgrades. We want to continue adding substantial new features and release
them to everyone for free. You can help us continue this journey, and
benefit everyone around the world who reads differently.


Spread the word. This is the single most important thing you can do to help
us. Tell your friends and colleagues about Voice Dream Reader. The app will
be half-priced from Wednesday May 7 to Sunday May 11. So take advantage of
this opportunity!

Many people in the past asked if they can donate to Voice Dream to fund
development. I wasn't comfortable with that. Now, on the verge of hiring a
developer to help build new features faster, I had a change of heart. I
created a Paypal page to accept donations:

R5JZJVQ> &hosted_button_id=3SV2PVR5JZJVQ

Please, do it only if you can afford it. And donate based on the value
you're getting from the app, whether it is 1 dollar or 10 dollars a month.
The donated funds will be set aside and used only for developing features
and enhancements that will be released for free. 

Thanks for your support and feedback over these past 2 years. Reading is for
everyone, no matter how you read. We have a long way to go before we get
there. You're a part of that journey.

Thank you.

Winston Chen
Founder, Voice Dream
winston at voicedream.com


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