[BCAB] info on Voice Dream

Olaf Drümmer olaflist at callassoftware.com
Sun May 11 21:21:46 BST 2014

Hi Gayle,

On 10 May 2014, at 22:22, "Gayle Yarnall" <glyarnall2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The biggest change is support for graphics, starting with PDF. This required
> a rewrite of the guts. Before 3.0, Voice Dream Reader threw away all
> original files after extracting text from them. Now, you can read PDF files
> in the original layout with voice and text synchronization. Try swiping
> right from the left edge of the screen: you can switch between text-only
> view and original layout view effortlessly. 

it's nice to see the progress Voice Dream is making in dealing with PDF files.

One thing that surprises me is that it seems that Voice Dream does not take tagging structure in a PDF into account. This implies that it might fail to acknowledge the intended reading order, and it also does not reflect any of the structural aspects, like headings or lists and so forth (I haven't tried tables yet).

Are there any plans to take advantage of tagging structure in a PDF? Any plans to support the ISO standard for accessible tagged PDF, ISO 14289? Or am I missing something in the current version of Voice Dream?

And - this is more a nice to have feature request - would it be possible that Voice Dream follows the text current read out loud, when I have zoomed into the page, and the 'current text' is outside of the area of the page currently displayed.


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