[BCAB] Windows 7 system images

Agent Orange agentorange at talktalk.net
Tue May 13 11:28:50 BST 2014

The Win 7 backup and restore applet is accessible, and it generally works.
However, as backup and restore packages go, I do not find it to be
particularly intuitive.  For instance, it is not possible to store different
images in subdirectories on your chosen external disc.  Once you have
selected a hard disc on which to store your backup files and/or your images,
you cannot create your own directory structure - everything goes in the
root.  And the naming convention adopted by this utility is itself rather
awkward to navigate.  The control panel applet which controls the backup and
restore utility also suffers from some rather sloppy design.  For instance,
the distinction between file backups and complete system images is rather
blurred to the point where it can be confusing whether you are creating /
restoring a file set or a complete image.

I would urge consideration of something like Image For Windows which is both
fully accessible with JFW and (in my view) more intuitive to use.


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My computer routinely needs flattening and reinstalling. This time I’m
thinking about using the Windows 7 system image feature to create an image
of my hard drive, just after I have a basic setup in place.


If anyone has any experience of using this tool, and/or can shed some light
on how the backup/restore process is (with Jaws/NVDA), I’d appreciate your
thoughts. Thanks.




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