[BCAB] Amazon Cloud Player is horrible I want my music!

Lewis Crack lewiscrack at gmail.com
Tue May 13 12:11:15 BST 2014

Hi Barry,

I don't use the Cloud Player, but I use Amazon Downloader.
With JAWS, this works well if you use the JAWS Cursor.
You should be able to download all your MP3 tracks in one go that way.
Hope this helps.
PS. If you need any support on this, feel free to buzz me on Skype
when you see me online, or email me off list! :-)

On 13/05/2014, Barry Toner <barry.toner at bcab.org.uk> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've just bought an album but got trapped.  I can't' seem to find a .amz
> file to download my purchase.  It keeps wanting me to install the cloud
> player, which I did and it was horrible for accessibility and I uninstalled
> it.  I've went into the cloud player through the browser, ticked the boxes
> for the tracks in the album I want to download but clicking on download
> (XX), XX being the track number isn't doing anything.
> Can anyone help with suggestions of how I can get my album?
> Thanks,
> Barry.
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Lewis Adam Crack

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