[BCAB] Windows 7 system images

M F Mason mfmason at blinding-flash.net
Tue May 13 12:20:46 BST 2014

Please put my name and email down
mfmason at blinding-flash.net
to test the Linux system.
Many thanks,


At 11:30 13/05/2014, you wrote:
>the windows7 backup and restore process is 
>pretty simple to actually create your image. go 
>to start and type restore in the search box. 
>press enter on backup and restore. tab to create 
>a system image and follow the wizard. also, its 
>worth creating a system restore disk which you 
>will need a standard CDR disk for. this allows 
>you to boot from CD to restore the system. this 
>isn't accessible at all with speech which is the 
>major drawback. i have been working on a system 
>to restore images from linux using a graphical 
>interface which is fully speech based. if enough 
>people are interested i will be able to produce 
>text and audio guides on how to backup your 
>image and restore it without any sighted help. 
>if people could provide feedback on list and put 
>their name down for testing so to speak, i can 
>get a team of people together to test it. your 
>computer will need to boot from CD, and you will 
>need to be willing to use the linux operating 
>system and your common sense as options are displayed.
>all the best,
>On 13/05/2014 11:17, Léonie Watson wrote:
>>My computer routinely needs flattening and reinstalling. This time I’m
>>thinking about using the Windows 7 system image feature to create an image
>>of my hard drive, just after I have a basic setup in place.
>>If anyone has any experience of using this tool, and/or can shed some light
>>on how the backup/restore process is (with Jaws/NVDA), I’d appreciate your
>>thoughts. Thanks.
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