[BCAB] Windows 7 system images

Léonie Watson tink at tink.co.uk
Tue May 13 12:41:50 BST 2014

Thanks George.

My plan was to take the image just after a fresh reinstall of Windows (with
only screen reader and anti-virus installed). Would that work do you think?


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Hi Léonie,

If you take an image of your hard drive, and then restore that image, even
to a brand new machine or hard drive, you will only be copying back any
existing problems.

By all means create an image as a fall back, but at the end of the day, it
is much, much better to take one, or better still two, backup of your files,
then totally reformat the drive.  Add any additional memory as well if you

Next install a fresh copy of Windows and get that fully up to date.  Install
anti-virus software, and finally your screen reader.

You will then have to re-install all your applications, and lastly all your
backed up files.

It's not a quick job, but is by far the best way to restore a system in such
a way that it should give you much longer before you might need to repeat
the process.

All the best,


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My computer routinely needs flattening and reinstalling. This time I'm
thinking about using the Windows 7 system image feature to create an image
of my hard drive, just after I have a basic setup in place.


If anyone has any experience of using this tool, and/or can shed some light
on how the backup/restore process is (with Jaws/NVDA), I'd appreciate your
thoughts. Thanks.




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