[BCAB] Brilliant backup program Drive Snapshot

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Tue May 13 12:58:53 BST 2014

hi.  you have to admit though, that dos is going back a bit, especially 
with no speech support and being able to have full speech support from 
linux? just my opinion. i haven't used dos for at least 10 years, and 
although you can boot from CD to a dos prompt, isn't the same as using 
the floppy disk system. at least with a floppy disk you could tell when 
something was happening, times move on i guess...


On 13/05/2014 12:54, Christopher Hallsworth wrote:
> Well I didn't know you can do this from Image for Windows also. I just 
> knew that Snapshot specifically stated that one can restore from 
> within a working installation of Windows so thought it was unique. I'm 
> glad the developers of Snapshot can assist the blind in getting us 
> back up and running again.
> Christopher Hallsworth
> Student at the Hadley School for the Blind
> www.hadley.edu
> On 13/05/2014 12:31, Agent Orange wrote:
>> Chris, Thanks for the tip.  But unless you are about to correct me, I 
>> assume
>> that the restore function within Drive Snapshot is not accessible 
>> except if
>> your existing system is itself operational.  On this basis, Image For
>> Windows also enables one to perform a restore from within Windows.  
>> However,
>> neither will be of much use if your system has been trashed to the point
>> that Windows does not boot.  It's good to have different options though.
>> Incidentally, when I purchased Image for Windows a few years ago it 
>> cost me
>> £25 (I expect the price has gone up since then).
>> Phil
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>> Speaking of images
>> Hi all
>> Looking for a free or cheap alternative to programs such as Image for
>> Windows? Look no further than Drive Snapshot. The program can create one
>> or more images which you can later restore to get your system back up
>> and running. The nice and unique feature is restore on boot which allows
>> you to restore from an image upon the next reboot. The program is easy
>> to use, simple and is 100% accessible. For more information and to
>> evaluate and hopefully buy the software which is £33 here in the UK 
>> go to
>> www.drivesnapshot.de/en

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