[BCAB] Utility Warehouse Website

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Wed May 14 11:38:10 BST 2014

I am afraid  I no longer use Window-Eyes on the web as on too many web sites
I use it is either too slow or not fit for purpose. Both Jaws and NVDA
perform better.  I understand from another list that a major revamp  of
Window-Eyes is in the pipeline  so hopefully it will get up to scratch after
this. If they could crack this nut of acceptable web performance I think it
would become much more viable as offline it work pretty much OK.

David  Griffith

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Hi David

Thanks for writing.

I have now tried NVDA and, as you predicted, it worked fine. I cannot
send a link as I would have to give you my password.

I hope GW Micro can solve this one as Window-Eyes is my preferred


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