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Jackie, I'll be interested to know how you get on.  I put the RNIB APP on
again this morning on the way to school.  It was quite interesting to know
of some of the pois, but even without tall buildings it just seems terribly
inaccurate for some reason.  What I don't understand is why Navigon and
Ariadne GPS don't have this problem?


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Those who were following the RNIB Navigator thread may recall I said that
when trying the app in my area, my mobile data kept announcing it was
unavailable, tried connecting, said it was available, only to turn off again
immediately.  I was quite troubled by this, so tried going out today using
Blind Square, and got the same announcement.

When I got home, I decided to contact O2 Technical Support.  I was really
pleased with the service I received from a gentleman in Glasgow.  I
explained what was happening when I tried to use my mobile data away from
WiFi, so he asked if there was another number he could call me back on as he
wanted me to go into Settings on my iPhone.  I gave him our landline number
and, no sooner had I disconnected him from my iPhone, he was ringing the
telephone.  He wanted me to turn WiFi off, turn my mobile data on, and then
go into Mobile Networks.  There is a setting in there which has something to
do with whether you have a data plan on an ordinary phone or an iPhone.  For
whatever reason, mine had not been changed to an iPhone at their end, so
that has been why my phone tries to connect to the data plan but can't.  He
asked me to hold while he went through to Customer Services, and came back
to say he had got them to alter this to the correct setting.  It will be
done within 24 hours apparently, but if it doesn't work, I should reset my
Mobile Network settings.

Hopefully a happy ending, when I can use the app tomorrow and see what I
think of it.  It certainly explains why using Siri or GPS has been
problematic for me away from the house.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Twitter: @thebrownsplace
Skype: Thejackmate

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