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Hi Graham,

Just to point out that people can come here and buy them and have them

All the best


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Hi all.


I just wanted to make a few comments about the Speed Dots tactile screen
protectors for the IPhone.  They cost £6.50 from computer room services I
believe and about a month ago mine fell off after it had been used for about
a year.  as I knew i'd be upgrading shortly from the IPhone 4S to the IPhone
5S I  decided to live without the screen protector for a while to see how my
typing was effected, or is it affected? I still don't know which is correct
but I digress.


anyway, when I first got an IPhone in 2011 I found like many people that
writing text messages was unacceptably slow.  now I am much more used to the
IPhone and I found I could certainly manage ok without the screen protector
though I was slower and tended to hit more wrong letters.  I should say that
there are 2 versions of the screen protector, the standard with all keyboard
keys apart from f and j represented by dots and other dots on buttons such
as back, send, number 5 on num pad etc.  the advanced keypad is the same but
on the keyboard there are only dots on f and j.


I am sure my typing did improve in the 8 weeks or so that I spent without
the screen protecter but once I got it back, I did notice a small but
imediate improvement which meant that I could type much faster.  These
screen protectors are not to everyone's choice.  some people find they get
in the way of gestures such as swiping where they prefer a clear screen.
the advanced screen protector might be a good compromise here, I've not
tried it.


I do think that it would be really good if RNIB sold these screen protectors
in their resource centres.  That way, you could go and buy the screen
protector and have it fitted at RNIB.  If RNIB couldn't do this, I wonder if
apple stores could carry a stock of these screen protectors?  I can
certainly manage without mine but the speed increase I find it gives is
really very beneficial.








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