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Interesting Jackie, your experiences seem much the same as mine then.   



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Hi Richard

You asked me to report back once I had played with the app a little outside.
This then is my experience.

I went out with it for a short walk this morning, now having resolved my
mobile data issues, and being so pleased that all seems to be in order

I didn't specify a route, just really wanted it to work freely as I walked
to see what, if anything, would come up.  I used my AfterShokz headphones,
and stuck my iPhone in the inside breast pocket of my jacket with the screen
facing outwards so that I could swipe when necessary.  I have to be fair
here and say this is not an easy task for me to perform at any time at
present because I have my dog on one side, and a walking stick to help
support my back on the other.  Talk about being inhibited to use a phone?

I set off just leaving it, and it didn't speak.  When I got to a junction
that was safe to stand for a minute to investigate Navigator, I was
disappointed to hear that it didn't know the junction, and only that I was
heading in a north-easterly direction which was correct.  It told me my
nearest POI was the garden centre which was well out, and would have taken
at least 30 minutes at my speed to reach.

When we eventually turned back, taking the same route, I set it to Home
Address in pedestrian mode.  It kept telling me that my house was so many
feet at 2 o'clock, but I didn't get any instructions as to crossing the
junction or anything else.  By the time I reached the house, it told me I
still had 173 feet to go, and this was at the front door.

A friend of mine rang me last night to say he had taken it off his iPhone
because he did not find it at all accurate in terms of distance.

The next time I go out, I will either put in a route, or try Blind Square to
see what happens.  For me though, good or indifferent, GPS is not really my
bag due to my own issues of having both hands full.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Twitter: @thebrownsplace
Skype: Thejackmate

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