[BCAB] Trekker Breeze minor issues

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Fri May 16 15:30:05 BST 2014

I also have one slight issue in that when I am geting nearer to my local 
branch of what is now called Lloyds Bank, the trekker Breeze anounces that 
you are near it when in fact you are a good few feet away.

when this has happend, i've been usually a good ten or so shops away from 
the bank.

paul. Lloyds
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: Hi there.
: The Breeze is fantastic, but there's just one minor issue I'd like to
: see resolved.
: Sometimes, street names and suburb names, and even landmarks are
: mispronounced. I would love a feature that will let you hear the
: spelling of the word in question in case you're not sure what it is.
: Is there some way of viewing the map on your pc with your screen
: reader and going over the word so you can obtain the spelling for next 
: Thanks.
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