Richard Bartholomew richard_bartholomew at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 20 22:33:45 BST 2014


Today, I renamed my user account on my laptop via the User Account area and,
as suggested by Microsoft, created a new account with admin rights so that I
could log on using it and rename the path in c:\users\ to the new one and,
then, edit the profileimagepath in the registry.  So far, so good and when I
rebooted into the newly-named account, all is working fine apart from
Outlook 2007.

After the reboot and on launching Outlook for the first time, I was told
that it couldn't find my .pst file which was quite reasonable since I had
changed the path.  I amended the path in Outlook and restarted it and that's
where the funny has begun!  I now get two instances of Outlook running

They are identical copies of each other, eg all the entries in the inbox are
in both copies!  There must be another setting/path somewhere which I need
to change but can't find it.

Does anyone have any ideas, please - to date, Google hasn't come up with

Thanks in frustration.
Richard Bartholomew

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